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Guild Money Usage
Topic Started: May 18 2016, 09:51 PM (12,027 Views)
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After a convening with the World Spirit of Avalon we, the Admin, have come to a decision of how guild money can be utilized for both the guild itself and the Guild master who runs the operations of the guild.

Guild Account posts do not equal Guild Coffers from member purchases of guild items or donations to the guild from outside sources. [Guild Coffers can be seen at the top of every Guild item shop post.]

Actual posts on the Guild 'DM' Account can be utilized in any fashion by the owner of the Guild 'DM' account even toward personal characters. This is because those posts are earned through IC means as the Account is needed to run quests and campaigns.

However, money in the guild coffers (Acquired by member item purchases and donations) is completely separate and cannot be accessed by the Guild Owner for personal use. The money in the 'coffers' can only be used in for guild upgrades and the like.
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