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The Land of Avalon is a freeform medieval/fantasy roleplaying site loosely based on Arthurian lore. Avalon is home to many friendly members, administrators, and position holders, most of whom are always willing to RP, no matter how new a person might be to the site. With a large shop system full of various spells, items, and equipment no two characters are the same. With character races ranging from elves and humans to dragons, chimeras, and demons Avalon welcomes a wide range of races and RP skill levels. No one is too inexperienced to join in on the fun. With a variety of deities and elemental guardians, kings and nobility to pledge to (or oppose) there is no shortage of roleplaying opportunities. Avalon is full of great members and staff with a great sense of humor, friendly welcomes, and a love for roleplaying. Avalon invites you to experience the magic, today!

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New Cbox Rules; Imperative.
Topic Started: Feb 25 2009, 01:31 AM (36,385 Views)
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We would rather not enforce rules, but in light of recent (and not-so-recent) events, we have decided to impose some solid rules for our dear beloved Cbox. Most of these aren't new, but rather a reminder/reinforcement of the guidelines that we have been asking you to follow up until now. Behaviour on the cbox has become notoriously troublesome, so we do feel the need to throw down some rigid do's and don'ts for order's sake. If these rules continue to be ignored, the option of removing the cbox will be considered.

They are as follows:

1. No advertising
2. No spam
3. No explicit sexual content, excessive violence or needless obscene language as the c-box is visible to guests and members of all ages
4. You will receive a verbal warning first and if you carry on breaking the rules you will be banned, breaking the rules after that will result in a site ban
5. Banning is reserved for rule violations only, purposefully breaking the rules just to get banned for other reasons will have you temporarily site banned
6. Admin requests will not be answered unless posted in the Admin Request forum
7. Please register your name on the cbox -your identity is your responsibility. This will prevent others from using your name and possibly causing trouble. This can be done by clicking "profile" and following the instructions from there.

3 and 7 are the ones people will really need to look out for. We reserve the right to add changes to these (you will be notified if we do so).

In addition to these, it is important that all zetaboard rules must be followed also. These are largely commonsensical, but can be viewed under the spoiler.
Spoiler: click to toggle

Thank you for your cooperation. Please keep our site clean and shiny.
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And please remember that rule number five from our Big Site Rules still applies!
Here's a little reminder if you can't quite remember what rule five is:

The Rules
5. In the OOC sections you are allowed to basically say whatever you want, but keep it sensible. Admins have the right to warn you if you directly insult someone/they do not think what you have written is acceptable. Please respect other members!

If you feel like what you have to say is inappropriate/might incite other inappropriate comments, refrain from saying anything and go do an IC post or homework or something useful.

Hopefully this will encourage everyone to create a shiny, new and friendly c-box atmosphere! (More adjectives available if you are still unsure what kind of atmosphere is favourable in the c-box.)

Thank you!
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Note: To avoid issues with spammers, we have deactivated self registration on the Cbox. If you need a new Cbox account, please send a PM with your desired username and password to a staff member and one of us will register the account for you.
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