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The Land of Avalon is a freeform medieval/fantasy roleplaying site loosely based on Arthurian lore. Avalon is home to many friendly members, administrators, and position holders, most of whom are always willing to RP, no matter how new a person might be to the site. With a large shop system full of various spells, items, and equipment no two characters are the same. With character races ranging from elves and humans to dragons, chimeras, and demons Avalon welcomes a wide range of races and RP skill levels. No one is too inexperienced to join in on the fun. With a variety of deities and elemental guardians, kings and nobility to pledge to (or oppose) there is no shortage of roleplaying opportunities. Avalon is full of great members and staff with a great sense of humor, friendly welcomes, and a love for roleplaying. Avalon invites you to experience the magic, today!

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Written here are all the rules and regulations set to keep Avalon a safe and enjoyable role-playing place. If there are any queries, questions or comments concerning the rules, please feel free to contact one of the Administrative Staff.
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Regular Forum Announcements and Assistance
Here all official announcements regarding the site and all news or changes to be made. Please ensure that as a member you regularly check back weekly for updates. This is an easy way to make sure you don't miss out on what is happening!
You will also find all FAQs and assistance in here.
Deletion / Guild Removal May 15 2018, 07:14 PM, By Renegade
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Regular Forum Welcome & Absence Board
This is where new members can introduce themselves and their characters to the rest of Avalon and be greeted by fellow role-players. Or alternatively this is where you can post to let others know of you movements if you are going to be away for some time, leaving the site or anything of that persuasion.
Warning: There are some nutters on this forum! ^^
hi there. May 24 2018, 08:34 AM, By Kel'han
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