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Site Rules
Here are the basic rules of Avalon, breaking these rules will result in a warning.

General Rules

Signing Up:
  • To register for The Land of Avalon, simply click the text at the top left of the screen that says 'Register'. Then follow the directions from there. Due to a problem with spam bots, you will need to check your EMail for a validation link. (If this does not work, you can request aid in our Chatbox, located at the bottom of the screen.) A staff will then validate your account for you. Often times however, a staff may go ahead and manually validate accounts providing they follow the name rules posted below.
  • Due to spammers, you need to register for the CBox by PMing an admin with your desired username and password. Your CBox username can be whatever you want (within reason for course).
  • Sign up with your character's name! This will help us know that your account is an actual person and not a spambot. Character names may be in whichever format you prefer, full names or first name only, even nicknames are permissible. However anything with numbers or strange text will be assumed as spam and won't be manually validated. You can however request a name change from the staff by following these instructions.
  • Only one character per username unless permission is granted from an Admin. (This does not include pets/animals, which are bought from the shops.) No more than two characters may be approved for use with one username. These two characters must rarely, if ever, be apart from each other, and they must maintain separate inventories. Items may not be shared or switched between the two characters except by making an Admin Request. Multiple usernames are allowed, however. And yes, you may have as many accounts as you wish!
  • Upon joining you will have access to our OOC sections, but you will not be able to post until you have activated your account. Once registered, you will not be able to post anywhere until you have posted a character description under the "Character Descriptions" board.

Behavior Guidelines:
  • In the OOC sections you are free to say what you want as long as you keep it sensible. Admins have the right to warn you if they do not think what you have written is acceptable. Please respect other members! Derogatory comments to another person's character, roleplaying style, or ideas will result in a warning! Be civil or keep away from the OOC sections/CBox. Flaming, harassment, and spamming other users will not be tolerated, regardless of if it is in the cbox, PMs, forums, or outside sources such as EMail and Messengers.
  • No spamming, if something needs to be changed or added, use the edit button. Do not reply to threads that have been started by deleted members or topics that are over 3 months old, unless you have permission from the original topic starter. We do however allow to to "RP with yourself", that is, post a thread alone (usually for character development). There is no x post limit, but avoid spam (an admin will alert you if they find you doing so), so please just use common sense.
  • Please keep the CBox clean. We have guests and members of all ages so keep inappropriate content to a minimum. Further CBox rules can be found here: CBOX RULES
  • Do not advertise another site in your signature or the ChatBox. Breaching this rule may result in a warning/removal of your signature. This includes joining only to PM/Email other users to join your site. Users who do this will have their account deleted and banned. There is an area for advertising that also has guest-enabled posting.
  • Avalon expects all members to comply with their local laws, which means no advocating of illegal activity. Donít boast about what you shoplifted or stole, even if you didnít really do so. It can be taken quite seriously. Additionally, linking to illicit downloads of copyrighted video games, music and programs are also forbidden. Not only could it be classified under the law as robbery, but it would be within the authority of the MPAA or respective organizations to request Invisionfree to shut down Avalon as a hub under international law. Things are getting very serious on that front. Avalon does not have a magical microscope with which to peer into your lives to determine whether or not you are following the rules. But we trust you -the member- and therefore will believe you if you were joking about something illegal. But Avalon will not under any circumstances be used in ANY format -PMs, topics, polls and the like- in an illegal manner. Disregarding these rules will result in a ban.
  • Downright plagiarism is not accepted.
  • Avalon reserves the right to alter any content deemed to be in breach with the rules without notification.

In Character Guidelines

Character Rules:
  • Avalon is set in a medieval/fantasy world, that means there are no guns, no electronics, no modern clothes (e.g. jeans and tank tops), no modern foods, items, technology, etc. Please remember this!
  • No inappropriate character's are permitted as defined by the Administration Team. If you have to ask yourself 'is the character inappropriate?' Then chances are you're overstepping. Feel free to PM us if you're not sure.
  • Do not create a character that is a blatant rip-off of another fictional character. This can be anything from books, to movies, to cartoons. Not only does it show a lack of originality, but it is also a breach of copyright laws. This includes obvious rip-offs of weapons, concepts, abilities, and the like.
  • You cannot say that you have items/weapons/creatures/spells, unless you have bought them. This includes most items, except clothing and other essential items. If you are seen with items and there is no proof that you have bought them you will receive a warning.
  • No god-moding. This is where you play your character as an all-powerful being. No Power-Playing. This involves controlling the actions of someone elseís character. You will receive a warning if you are reported/seen doing this. No killing of anotherís character without permission from the owner of the character, this includes their pets. (However general NPCs are usually fair game.)
  • No sexually implied activity of any kind is to be posted on these boards. Such content is against Zetaboards TOS and Avalon could be in serious trouble if we were to allow it. Keep in mind that Avalon is available to ages 13 and up.
  • Keep to the word minimum that all of the IC boards have. Anyone found posting less than the minimums will receive a warning. The word count for all forums is 100 words, (about one paragraph.)
  • Take heed of other peopleís posts, do not post completely irrelevant nonsense, please try and stick with the general theme of what is going on. When in a fight or battle with another, look at things such as their abilities, their spells, and their weapons. While RPing combat is about writing and not inventory alone, generally they will still have the advantage over you. Just be aware of the reality of the situation in a realistic sort of manner.
  • Do not post out-of-character (OOC) comments in an in-character (IC) topic. OOC comments may be added to the beginning or the end of an IC reply, but you cannot reply to an IC topic solely to say something OOC. In such a case you should use the PM system.
  • Always separate OOC from IC. If someone's character angers you in a roleplay, it does not mean you must hate each other out of character. Learn the difference between reality and fantasy! Use common sense! It wonít kill, we promise. ; )
  • Certain forums have specific rules, like the Fight Arena, the Photo section etc. You will find specific rules in the description of the board or in a separate pinned topic within the board.

Other Information
Warns and Bans:
  • Site warnings may be verbal ('unofficial', usually a note sent in a PM) or Official (appearing in your profile). Only you and the staff may see these warnings, on your fifth warning you will be site banned (permanently or temporarily is up to staff discretion). Keep in mind that warns and bans are based on player and not account. So any attempts to have warned accounts deleted will just cause your warns to be transferred to any new accounts. The staff are able to read IP addresses, emails, and other information to check for these things. Avalon Admins reserve the right to warn or ban you if they find that you have been breaking these rules or causing strife for other members. The Admin will always contact you in some way. If you have any problems, questions or comments, please contact one of the Admin!
  • Note that the warn system may be skipped over, and a site ban issued at once, if the staff decide the user has committed any highly inappropriate act.
  • If you feel you have been wrongly warned, you may contact a staff and state your case. But any demands, rude comments, or impolite manners will cause your case to be ignored. If you feel you have been wrongly warned, contact an Admin in a polite and respectable manner.
  • For activities in the chatbox that break the rules, an Admin may decide to simply issue a cbox ban and not a site warning.
  • Additionally, let it be known that attempting to use proxies, dynamic ips, friend's houses, etc to bypass a ban will cause you to be site warned (in the case of evading temporary bans) or permanently banned for every attempt.

If you have any problems, queries, complaints etc feel free to PM any of the Admin.

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